Why Choose Us for Escape from Tarkov Raid Carrying Services?

At RageCarry, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients in the popular game Escape from Tarkov. Our team of experienced raid carriers is committed to delivering fast, reliable, and secure services to help you achieve your in-game goals.

Why Choose Us

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the services we provide. Contact us today to discuss your Tarkov raid carrying needs.

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  • Raids: https://www.g2g.com/r/carry
  • Boosts: https://www.g2g.com/r/tarkov_boost
  • Quests: https://www.g2g.com/r/tarkov_quests
  • Roubles: https://www.g2g.com/r/roubles
  • Meta weapons: https://www.g2g.com/r/tarkov_guns
  • Top armor: https://www.g2g.com/r/tarkov_armor
  • Sets: Guns + Ammo + Armor: https://www.g2g.com/r/tarkov_sets
  • Keys: https://www.g2g.com/r/keys